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“Happy at Ease” does not resemble other surrounding houses and it is no surprise that out of close to 600 applicants from over 40 countries, thanks to its innovation and creativity, it won Architecture Podium's 2018 International Architecture Award in the housing category.

Designed by Studio Prospettiva from Sienna, Italy, this house built out of wood, was constructed on a concrete base using traditional technologies, and in compliance with local building regulations with relation to size, height, the shape of the roof and the color of tiles.

Low view
Pool view

As Silvia Porciatti of Studio Prospettiva explains: “We applied sustainable options on this concept. Thanks to the villa's Southern exposure we could benefit from free solar energy for heating and incorporate solar panels on the roof. We also decided to use the swimming pool as a thermal flywheel”.

Although the villa lies on a slope, the design cleverly uses the space with three floors which in fact offer six levels, each connected by a central staircase. Each level relates to a different functional space. On one side we have the living room, bedrooms and guest area whereas restrooms, storage and the garage are on the other. The views on the mountains and the woods have also been taken into consideration in the layout, resulting in a pleasingly harmonious and practical end result.