About Us

Urboxed proposes to cover news about real estate, architecture, design and lifestyle in the Greater Geneva region. Our blog will report on facts left untouched by mainstream local media and bring up aspects of our environment that obsess us but are rarely talked about. Our lighthearted tone contrasts with the in-depth reporting we propose to our readers to better understand our region. We want to point out the unnoticed, the beautiful and the not so attractive. We’ll try to uncover what makes the local market tick and our region’s identity unique.

The subject matters we write about affect us deeply. We want to report on the key local players and the forces that influence the local real estate market. These elements of our built environment are also the basic building blocks of the local economy. Reporting on commercial real estate is a different way of talking about our economy.

This blog considers the urban setting we live in not as a group of unrelated communities but as a complex organism in constant evolution. In these changing times, the ecosystem formed by its many satellite towns is taking us to a new metropolitan reality we need to acknowledge, inhabited by a diverse population from all over the world, and living in a global economy.

These considerations naturally lead us to explore the possible options the city faces in the future. We are curious about the way forward for a region with a booming economy and limited space for growth and how the city cultural heritage lives in the resulting high-priced real estate market. We’ll be looking into city’s reputation in the world and how it is experienced locally. Its status as a border town is also an important characteristic in an environment where political and economic interests often diverge.

We are looking forward to the reporting work ahead of us and are excited to interact with our readers on topics dear to us. You can also follow Urboxed on your favorite social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get a constant dose of your favorite local developments!  

The Urboxed Team