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Photo courtesy of Lime

In Switzerland, Circ and Lime seem to be at the forefront of the mobility and e-scooter revolution, starting services in the Zurich region. Despite growing demand, Geneva authorities have not yet given the authorization for e-scooter rentals. Legislation is for the time being limited to stipulating that e-scooters are predictably only allowed on bicycle paths or on the road and recommending that users wear helmets and that they do not exceed 20kph.

As Estuardo Escobar, General Manager of Lime puts it “Zurich is a very special place for Lime, as it was the first European city in which Lime was launched”. He confirms that “Lime's goal is to also expand to other cities”. Lime has gone one step further by addressing the safety concern with the launch of the first safety training course for e-scooters in Switzerland, together with Touring Club Suisse (TCS), “with the aim to educate prospective e-scooter riders about the Swiss traffic regulations and correct behavior to promote considerate and responsible behavior in road traffic.”

Circ Lineup
Photo courtesy of Circ

As for Circ, they are already active in Zurich, Basel, Winterthur and Zug, and as Daniel Scherrer, Head of Public Affairs, Switzerland, explains “Circ would like to offer its sustainable and efficient mobility services with e-scooters also in Geneva and Lausanne. However, both cities have not issued licenses yet to e-scooter-companies to start the service.” In the meantime, in June 2019, Circ partnered with the SBB/CFF – the Swiss Federal Railways network - on a test pilot project in Zurich where Circ provides the e-scooters and SBB the parking areas. Olivier Dischoe of SBB explains, “SBB is examining how the railway can be optimally linked to micromobility solutions on the first and last mile of the travel chain.” He adds, “the needs and demands of our customers are evolving: they expect seamless mobility, which increasingly includes micromobility”.

Lime Ride
Photo courtesy of Lime